Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are You Planning a Kentucky Derby Party?

If so, you still have plenty of time to get ready. This year's Derby is May 4th.

I love hosting and look forward to each and every traditional holiday as an opportunity/excuse to have family and friends over, but why not add another reason to entertain . . . and party?

So, this year, I'm going to throw a Kentucky Derby party. I already did most of the research necessary when I compiled a page for my website on just such a subject, "How to Host a Kentucky Derby Party." I became interested in this party theme (and all the recipes, traditions, and resources needed) when I was researching TRIPLE CROSS, a mystery that takes place in downtown Louisville and on the backside of Churchill Downs during the two weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby. During the research and plotting phase, I immersed myself in everything Derby and became familiar with the many Derby Festival events that take place in Louisville. You see, Derby is not some simple little sporting event, it literally transforms Louisville, and my goal was to capture that when I wrote TRIPLE CROSS.

Research is one aspect of writing that I truly love because I learn so much. Even if you never have the opportunity to visit Louisville and attend the Derby, I assure you, you will get a feeling for what it's like in the pages of TRIPLE CROSS.

TRIPLE CROSS is a fast-paced mystery that takes the reader from the backside of the racetrack to 4th Street Live! From a life-and-death struggle at the fairgrounds to an elegant Thunder party in the National City Tower. From a spectacular sunset at Riverfront Plaza to first light on Derby morning . . . to the great race itself.

This mystery would make a great hostess gift or door prize for your guests - a unique keepsake, both for Louisvillians and out-of-town guests who have yet to experience the thrill of the Derby.

Happy partying!

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